Open for Critical Needs

As you know, the Governor has issued a stay at home order that takes effect March 24th and ends on April 13th. This order does prevent certain operations of our business and the service we provide to you, but we will remain open for business to serve all critical infrastructure needs. Our goal is to keep business as close to normal as possible for you while maintaining the health and safety of our workforce and customers. We know our ability to work with you through this difficult time is critical to the physical well-being and financial stability for all.

Here’s what you should know:


Most importantly, know that we’re here for you. Whatever you need from us, we want to provide it. We know how crucial it is to keep business moving forward. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! If your project isn’t considered “critical” we still have many staff members working remotely to keep your project moving.

  • If you need help with the selection process, email us at and we’ll do a virtual appointment by phone or web chat.


We will continue to process quotes and orders. Please continue to email this info to We’ll work with you to get the orders entered in the system and schedule a template date.


All appointments currently scheduled from March 24th to April 13th that are deemed to be non-essential, will be moved exactly 3 weeks from the originally scheduled date. For example if your customer had an install scheduled for 3/24, the new install date is 4/14. We will be calling to confirm these dates on, or before, April 8th. Our customer service & sales teams will be in regular contact with you to be sure everyone is informed of their dates.

We appreciate the critical needs letters and job specific information you have provided. It’s aiding us in prioritizing needs according to the nature and severity of each need.

There is a chance the order gets extended. We are developing contingency plans, just in case, and will hopefully not need to utilize those.

If you have a critical need or need to change a date, please email or your Sales Representative to make alternative arrangements.


If you need a sample for a project you’re working on, we’ll mail it directly to you so you can keep the design process going at home.


While our Gallery locations are closed to in person traffic for the next few weeks, our designers can set-up a virtual visit with one of our staff to get virtual consultation. Please email to schedule your virtual selection.


The health and safety our employees and customers is our first priority as we fulfill these critical infrastructure needs. We ask you to assist us in ensuring a collaborative effort while working onsite.

If you have a critical project that we will be involved in, please understand the following:

  • Before we arrive on site, you will be contacted to participate in a survey regarding health and safety those related to the job site.
  • Sanitization practices are essential. Before our arrival, you must sanitize all surfaces our workers will come in contact with. We will do the same before we leave.
  • On site, we will not be conducting “business as usual”. This means some of our typical customer service practices (signing documents, shaking hands, etc.) will not be happening. We apologize in advance for the lack of personal interaction during this unprecedented time. Please know this is essential for keeping everyone safe.
  • When our workers arrive, it is important that you are located in a separate room, until we leave, to minimize the exposure between individuals – as is the intent of the Executive Order.

For purposes of following Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order 2020-21 regarding COVID-19, Lakeside Surfaces Inc. is committed to ensuring that we are following all conditions that are outlined in section 5.c of the order. Critical infrastructure workers that will continue in-person operations will follow social distancing practices and other mitigation measures to protect our employees and customers. The following practices include, but are not limited to:

  1. Restricting the number of workers present on premises to no more than is necessary.
  2. Promoting remote work to the fullest extent possible
  3. Increasing standards of facility cleaning and disinfection to limit possible employee exposure to COVID-19.
  4. Lakeside adopted policies that prevent employees from coming to work if they display symptoms or have had contact with a person who is known to have COVID-19. 
  5. Any other social distancing practices and mitigation measures recommended by the CDC
  6. Practice Good Hygiene – Wash Your Hands, Cover your cough with elbow, Use a tissue, Disinfect Surfaces etc.


We’ve had to get a little creative but are monitoring phones and emails. Call us at 231-798-8872 and leave a voicemail. It is being checked frequently, and we are responding to all calls. Email anyone you usually work with, or use and we’ll route your message to the right people.

We’ve also added a chat feature to our website. Click the button in the lower right hand corner of this page to reach someone immediately.

We’re Here For You!

Remember, we’re here for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us! If your project isn’t considered “critical” we still have many staff members working remotely to keep your project moving. Thank you, and be safe!

Lakeside Surfaces is OPEN for business to serve your CRITICAL needs. Click here to learn more.
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