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Spring has sprung and so have beautiful new colors at Lakeside Surfaces! Read on to see what is new and find the perfect countertop for your home and lifestyle.


Marble has long since been a highly sought after material. Its timeless look radiates luxury, but there are a few things that usually put marble out of the running when selecting countertops for your kitchen or bathroom.  

One key thing that people bring up when they say why they did not choose marble for their new kitchen, is cost. Not many fabricators are stocking marble these days and this can cause the price to be higher than other materials. Many of the “traditional” patterns that usually come to mind when you consider marble, think beautiful, bold veining, can cost a fair amount more than some of the other patterns that are readily available.

Additionally, marble is more porous than other types of stone and can quickly absorb liquids, which may cause staining. That means you need to take care when cooking, as oil or wine spilled on the surface could soak in fast and leave you with a spot that is hard to get out. I don’t know about you, but my focus when I am preparing a meal is not necessarily on keeping the ingredients I am using off of my countertop. I am usually more focused on my growling stomach or the guests that are due to arrive any minute. So, if you plan on cooking in your kitchen, and want something a little more low maintenance, you may want to consider an alternative.

The good news is, there is a huge selection of “marble look” quartz options on the market today.

The beauty of quartz is that it is non-porous and resists staining and etching. Having guests over and one accidentally spills red wine on your gorgeous new island? No need to worry that the beautiful investment you just made in your home was ruined with one little spill, it can easily be saved with a little warm soapy water!

Lakeside is introducing 6 new quartz options with beautiful marble looks. Whether you are enamored with bold, eye catching veins or require something a little more subtle for your taste, we have a bunch of new and existing options to choose from. Ready for the best part? We have an option for every budget!

New Marbles at Lakeside Surfaces


Tired of the status quo when it comes to countertop surfaces? How about something that feels different than the other surfaces? Literally. We are offering more quartz options that have a textured finish than ever before. Textured finishes are great because they aren’t like all of the other quartz choices out there. It is still the same non-porous material, but with a twist. If you are craving something different, you won’t want to miss these new options.

MetroQuartz – Nightfall Honed


One of the most exciting things to come out of our spring palette additions is actually not an addition at all, but rather, a reduction. We are thrilled to have been able to lower the prices on 20 of our existing colors, including many of our best-selling colors.

Calacatta Extra has gone down 4 price groups. A luxury marble option at a price that will fit your budget.

No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find something that will work for your kitchen with the awesome changes to our palette! For more information or to view the colors shown, please visit our Countertop Inspiration gallery.

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