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Step 1: Kitchen Type


Kitchen Type Name

Select Your Kitchen

Select the option that is closest to your kitchen. Do not worry if the kitchens pictured are not exactly like yours, there will be a place to enter additional information on step 3.

Do you have an island in your kitchen?

Do you have a raised bar in your kitchen?


Please select a Kitchen Type before continuing.

Step 2: Dimensions


Kitchen Type Dimensions

Island Type Dimensions

Raised Bar Dimensions

Kitchen Type

Island Type

Raised Bar Type

Step 3: Details


sink type, material type, edge type, other type


What kind of sink will you be using?


Designed with a rim that overlaps the countertop and rests on the surfacing material.


Mounted to the underside of the countertop surface. Popular because there is no rim, which means the countertop drops off directly into the basin, allowing for easy surface cleanup.


I'm interested in:


Composed of various natural minerals and among the hardest surfaces on the planet. Popular for their resilience, beauty, and low maintenance.


Composed of man-made materials such as acrylic or polyester resins or pigments. Popular for their typically lower price point, and potentially seamless nature.


What kind of edge are you looking for?


Lakeside offers 10 beautiful edge options for no extra charge.


6 of our edge options will require additional attention from our artisans. These will require a modest additional charge.

Approximate Budget

Have you decided on a rough budget?


Great! We will be able to help narrow your options down to find the perfect materials for your budget.


No problem! We’ll prepare some extra choices to help you decide what is best.

Other Details

Let us know if there is anything else you are curious about. This is the place to include any additional details about your project that you think we will need to know (unique shaped kitchen, additional measurements, specific wants or needs, etc.).

Step 4: Contact

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