Congratulations on your new countertops!

Now that the install is over, it’s time to enjoy the beautiful new addition to your home.

Find your countertop material below and click on the link for helpful tips on how to keep your new tops looking their best for years to come!

Care & Cleaning Guides


While all of our surface materials are heat, scratch and stain resistant, you will want to take precautions to prevent unnecessary wear on your new tops.

  • Always use a hot pad or trivet when setting down hot objects, such as hot pans or plates. Direct contact with extremely high heat can cause damage. Care should also be taken when using electric household appliances that may emit high heat such as crock pots, electric skillets, etc. as these can potentially damage the surface.
  • Always use a cutting board. No surface is scratch proof, cutting on them will cause damage, whether it is to your tops or your knives, will depend on the surface material.

Countertop Materials:


Cleaning Products

Lakeside developed Pristine Clean to be safe on all stone surfaces and is available for purchase here. For additional products safe to use on your tops click your product type above.

Lakeside Surfaces is OPEN for business to serve your CRITICAL needs. Click here to learn more.
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