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  • Want to know what to expect when working with Lakeside?

    Want to know what to expect when working with Lakeside? Download our free brochure to see how your experience could be different if you choose another countertop company. Download now and compare us to other countertop providers. Ask them how they would handle these important installation details. There is a difference Today there are many […]

  • Why You Should Renovate Your Kitchen around Your Countertops

    When you renovate your kitchen, there are plenty of decisions to make. In older homes, you may need to make structural changes like combining a kitchen and dining room together into one room. You’ll have to select cabinets and appliances as well. One important choice can get overlooked in the design stage, however. That is […]

  • The Pitfalls of Budget Countertop Installation

    Choosing to have new countertops installed is exciting. Whether you’re building a new house or remodeling an old kitchen, picking the right countertop will make a huge impact in how your kitchen will look and feel. At Lakeside Surfaces we understand countertop installation. That’s our business. We also know that most people who are deciding […]

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